A day like no other…

Some might call it the final good-bye but it’s far from that.  It’s a physical separation, so I guess it’s a form of closure, but I’m not sure we really ever say “good-bye.”

This is a simple message for you Al, because I know how your heart is trembling, anticipating what tomorrow will bring.  It will bring tears and smiles and every other emotion we humans are lucky enough to hold dear.

It will be a difficult, exhausting day too.

Your family will be by your side and you will have the “lifting” you need to get through the day.

Take it from someone who traveled more than six thousand miles, through TSA check points and many airplanes, to make sure Leroy was at rest in the perfect place of his choosing, this is a day that will mark your life as well as Linda’s.

So make it about the two of you.  Before you leave the house, put something in your pocket that was special to the both of you.  Bring her a favorite flower that will keep her company after you leave the family plot.  Most of all, and this helped me a lot, talk to her, Al.  Before the family gathers to say their good-byes, excuse yourself and take some quiet time alone with your loved one.  Everyone will understand and my gosh, after spending a life time together, you certainly have a lot say.

No doubt in my mind, she’ll be listening. And that’s when you slip your hand inside your pocket and squeeze that special treasure you’ve brought from home.

Let the stories be told and let the tears flow and from one of those stories laughter will break through and before you know it, smiles and good memories will begin the real healing.

Prayers and strength to you my friend.



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