The Missing Part…

We miss them around the Holidays.  We miss them on our very own special calendar dates.  Anniversaries and Birthdays don’t feel the same without them being here, do they?

We even remember them and miss them on particular dates that marked the progression of their disease.  There were surgeries, the first day of chemotherapy or maybe the day when your doctor said there wasn’t any more treatment available.

All important markers of time, but there I was, sitting on the couch last night watching the last episode of “24: Live Another Day’ and all I could think of was Leroy really should be here!  He LOVED the show and we were loyal viewers.  He would have loved this season too.  Some of the same great characters, good writing and the usual over the top, graphic violence and crazy story line, but so much fun to watch.

It was appointment TV for us.  And there I was, watching it alone and missing him just like I do on those really important dates.

I guess it’s the sharing I miss.  We didn’t always see things the same, but we were a united front with this kind of stuff.

The healing part of this life experience, includes the ‘missing’ part: It’s one of the hardest parts too.

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