Birthdays are the best…

I love it when some one I know has a birthday and is living in cancer world.  Birthdays are the best…

They carry an extra helping of “Happy” when the cancer is far away and no where to be found and the biggest decision to be made is where to go to dinner to celebrate the birthday.

That’s the scenario for a friend who has been successfully battling her cancer for a long time now.  She’s been through so many conventional treatments and then her doctor made the bold move to place her in various clinical trials.  These trials have given her new life.

She has gone through genetic testing and she meets the qualifications needed for these specific trials.  They are matched to her cancer and  they have taken a big bite out of the beast.  She’s on what she calls a “friendly” chemo at the moment while she and her medical team look at new trials that give her a new jolt of hope.

It’s a different life than what she expected; no one thinks they’ll be faced with making decisions on clinical trials, but she’s adjusted her thinking and lives each day with hope and a great attitude.

And she has a birthday to celebrate and a dinner to mark the occasion…Happy Birthday Suzanne….and many more!


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