Once we’ve been touched…

I appreciate the kind words so much, but I truly believe we all do what we can to “lift” once we’ve been touched by cancer.

I looked at the man with the stack of books and thought back to my days when I carried the weight of cancer in my heart.  It felt so heavy some days, it took my breath away.  Any one who would have taken the time to say a few words to me would have provided a short pause, just long enough to remind myself of the world outside cancer.  I hope our short conversation did just that.

I wish there was a place at the Cancer Center where care givers could go to pass through an invisible screen, where their worries would be left at the door and warm smiles would greet them with short conversations about anything but cancer.  A place where a cool drink, a little music, a friendly face and a warm handshake would refresh those who work so hard to support their loved ones.  This would allow them a few minutes just to be themselves.

That’s what we miss the most as we care and lift our cancer patients.  We miss ourselves: who we were before our lives changed.

So, if we can help another care giver with just a brief “hello,” we’re really helping to remind them of a better time.

A time before cancer.



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