Leaving her mark…

This a thank you note.

There are some people who do their jobs so well, they some times seem invisible.  They create a smooth, all parts moving in sync environment.  We some times don’t realize how hard it is to make it look so easy.

One of those “invisible” people is moving on from her place on the second floor chemo infusion location up at Hopkins.

Even before I knew her, I knew her. As a care giver walking into that room 9 years ago when Leroy and I were new to Hopkins, we needed to feel taken care of and we needed to feel like the best people in cancer world were there for us.  The chemo room, a place we would become very familiar with, was one of those places.  On our first day of treatment, we could tell the oncology nurses were special.  Our nurse not only made us feel ‘fear-free’ but she wrapped her arms around us and gave us a feeling of security and strength that we would call on for the next 3 years.

That’s the way the nurses were up there  and I came to realize it all trickled down from the top.

Shortly after Leroy died, I approached Hopkins with the idea of making a video presentation on chemotherapy that would give patients and their care givers the knowledge they would need to understand this very important piece of cancer treatment.  I met with Kitty Violette to begin the planning of the video and I quickly learned why the chemo room worked as efficiently as it did: Kitty was leading the team.

She got the importance of running a tight ship.  Chemo is nothing to mess around with, for sure, but along with the business side of that room, there was a personal, wonderful heart beat of caring and concern for each and every person who filled a chair or bed there.

We made our video, one that every chemo patient watches before they begin their journey down that part of the cancer road.  Kitty and I worked through the script and plotted our shooting schedule that required her to bend and shape schedules to meet our demands.  She picked up a little of what it takes to be in my business and I in hers’….and we became friends, as over the years, I’ve called on her for other requests as other video demands have popped up.

She’s a pro….she leaves big shoes to fill…..I thank her for allowing me to walk beside her on so many occasions in the hopes of making the next cancer patients’ path a little easier.

Kitty, you leave an indelible mark…Thank YOU

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