Story lines…

Her chin was pointing downward, her shoulder was out of alignment and her head was tilted to one side. I guarantee her neck would hurt later.  But it was the best way to cradle the cell phone and still use her hands.  I can relate to this because I use my hands when I talk. There’s something about waving my arms around that emphasizes the words.

In this case, the woman was directly outside the chemo room and it was obvious she had just received bad news.  This was the call to share that news and it was a difficult job.  Her hand traveled up to her forehead and she began to rub her head so hard, her forehead was turning red.  The lines in her face grew deeper the longer the call and the more information she disclosed.

Instinctively, I put my hand up to my forehead and felt the wrinkles and wondered, how many of these lines were born from sitting in that chemo room, caring for Leroy, watching him fight for his life?

Let’s call them ‘cancer lines.’   Each one can tell a story about a day in cancer world: good or bad.


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