Once a care giver…

You walk into cancer world so unaware of what is about to happen to your world.

Care giving is a word you hear thrown into the mix along with chemotherapy, radiation, scan, blood work, etc.

There is no way you can even guess what that word will mean to you in the months or years ahead.

A care giver is developed, not born.  We learn how to properly change a bandage.  Some of us learned how to measure fluids from wound drains, and how to replace bags of meds into IV’s.  We learned how to recalculate medicine pumps, take accurate blood pressure and how to transfer our loved ones from place to place.

It’s a hard job and we wouldn’t trade it for the world because it was our way of helping.

We feel so helpless dealing with cancer.  Most of our decisions aren’t really decisions but conversations about decisions we’re asked to make.  So anything we can do to be a part of the care, we’re more than willing to do.

And once our care giving days are over, we don’t pack up our newly learned skills and stick them under the bed….NO WAY….we find ourselves passing on what we learned to the next care giver.  Little secrets or shortcuts we picked up along the way.

The care giver in training is appreciative of any little tidbit we can offer because now, they’re at square one, just like we once were.

Once a care giver….

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