Busy Living….

Across the street and a few houses away, she’s a wife and a mom who juggles her kids lives with precision not to mention the dog and a couple of cats and did I mention she stared down breast cancer with a laser gaze?  I don’t even ask her how she’s feeling anymore because she’s been out of treatment long enough that asking would just bring back unwanted memories that I’m sure she’s pushed to the back of her mind by now.

She busy living.

Another friend wrote a book about her breast cancer journey hoping to help others who are just now hearing the words “YOU have cancer.”  She struggled mightily during treatment to stay in control and she prevailed.  Her two grown daughters and husband who stayed by her side every step of the way, gave her a team to lean on and she’s N-E-D and not looking back either.

She busy living.

A lady I lean on to help me with my finances is fairly new to her “clean” status after breast cancer surgery and many other surgeries because of complications on her cancer path.  She’s really been through hell but she never felt it was time to lose hope.  Hope is what got her past the inflamed stitches, nausea and medicine issues.  She is a warrior to be sure.

After all of that, she’s busy living too.

I love it when “living” wins.

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