Even little holidays count….

We remember “them” on the big holidays and it’s important to do that.  We miss them at the big family dinners, milestones in lives and they aren’t there to celebrate. It’s just wrong isn’t it?

So a few weeks ago I got an email from a friend that it was “Hot fudge sundae day.”  Who knew?  The email wasn’t to remind me of the special day, it was to tell me that they were having a hot fudge sundae and smiling as they remembered Leroy and how much he loved a good hot fudge sundae.

Then came another email a couple of days ago.  Another long time good pal, messaged that she and her husband were remembering Leroy because it was “National Hamburger Day.”  They’d driven to their favorite burger place to raise a patty to the Big Guy and celebrate and remember the many times we’d all gone out together over the years doing the very same thing.

Memories and smiles and sundaes and burgers on days most people miss on their calendars, all because of a man who laughed and enjoyed his friends and believed  in having a good time.

Even the little holidays count in Leroy-land.

Have a good weekend!!!

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