Comparing stories….

Two strong, attentive care givers comparing notes….this sounds like the beginning of a bad joke, but it’s not; it’s real life.

A devoted daughter is talking about her Mom and how she was rushed to the hospital after complaining about not feeling well.  She’s battling cancer and is up in her years so her nurse wasted no time and called the ambulance and away she went to the ER.  They checked her out, her vitals were strong, but they ran a few extra tests just to make sure they’d covered all the obvious cancer problems.  She was released after a few hours of observation.

The other care giver smiled and nodded.  “Yes, that’s exactly what happened to my Mom just the other day.”  “Same scenario, same outcome.  But you have to be sure.”

Both laughed at the next coincidence….Their Mom’s had both stopped on the way home from the hospital to get a little treat.  One Mom wanted ice cream the other wanted her favorite sandwich.

They chuckled at the thought of what was an emergency just a few hours earlier had turned into an “outing” a little while later.

How crazy is this cancer care giving time we’ve all endured?  The highs and lows of watching our loved ones go through so many medical challenges.

And we think we’re going through them alone, but clearly that’s not the case.  These two care givers had so much in common they shared a good laugh over it.

This is a good reminder, maybe even a lesson, for each care giver out there to measure each sudden “crisis” as it occurs.

A calm care giver is so much more effective than one who jumps to a quick conclusion.

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