Picture Perfect

I’ve been dusting today….it’s not an easy task around this house because there are so many frames filled with so many wonderful pictures.

I can trace my life from new born to newly gray!

I can look into every room and find every dog, past and present, framed and accounted for; wonderful pals who have  shared in so many ups and downs of my family’s history.  We are big dog lovers and have been lucky enough to have had some very special dogs in the family…actually still do.

There are graduation pictures and wedding photos and pictures from all over the world taken in war zones and happy zones.

I’m able to chart the Leroy and Laurie years from the very beginning and it’s quite a trip.  Leroy’s Mom left us with some pictures of his very early years, so we are well documented on both sides of the relationship.

I’ve come to realize among all these photos, I really only have two pictures where I can see the cancer in Leroy’s face.  Every other picture of him says “tall, strong, sturdy, and healthy.”

From Disneyland to Iraq and everywhere in-between, I see a man who looked at life as a challenge and lived it well.

These images are picture perfect.


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