He’s supposed to be here…

My friend Bruce has been gone 3 years now.  He died from complications that followed his bone marrow transplant.  He had leukemia.

Following his transplant, there were so many, lets call them issues, that accompanied his new marrow.  The body, even when matched for transplant, doesn’t just welcome it’s new and improved marrow. There are so many complications.

He had a batch of them and as good as medicine is now with transplant, there are still problems medicine isn’t prepared to handle.

Bruce died on September 6th, three years ago.

I miss him.

I’m sad that he isn’t here to be a part of his wonderful family and the milestones they have reached.

His daughter is a little over a week into her new and exciting life as a college coed.  He missed the gathering of the college dorm gear.  The multiple trips to the various stores that carry every type of dorm room product made to make a coed’s existence manageable.

He didn’t get to pack the car or should I say stuff the car full of duffle’s, boxes, CD’s, books and anything that said “HOME” on it.

He was a scientist and a guy so he would have marveled at how much stuff she fit into her small little dorm room.  No question, it would have challenged his keen mathematical mind!

And, I promise you he didn’t have half the stuff his daughter HAD TO HAVE, when he went to school and yet he excelled and became a renown Infectious Disease doctor.

Bruce’s son loves sports and I know he would have loved sharing that part of his life.  Golf is the new attraction for this school year, at least until Spring when baseball will reign supreme again.  He’s a huge Washington National’s fan and every time I sit next to him at a game, I wish Bruce was there to share a Dad/son baseball day.

That’s how it was supposed to be.

So many “supposed to be” moments,  not quite the same without you Bruce.

I miss you,  my friend.



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