That’s an APP!!!

My next door neighbor is a smart guy and he’s interested in developing app’s.  He’s in the world of television so he’s a techno-wizard and it follows that his app ideas lean toward media technology.  Many of the doctors I know up at Johns Hopkins are trying to develop medical apps that will help advance the treatment and care of patients.

The other day, I got an email from a young woman who has moved up the ladder in television production and she told me she owes it all to Leroy.  His guidance and mentoring gave her the tools she needed to grow in her specialty.  Over the years, since he’s been gone, I’ve received so many emails from former ABC News folks who have said the same thing: without Leroy’s guidance, they never would have moved into bigger jobs or taken on tougher assignments had it not been for the Big Guy’s presence in their lives.

There was one story told to me by a former “Nightliner” that really made me smile.  As a young journalist, he was witness to Leroy in action one night when the broadcast was going through late changes and it was getting very close to airtime.  High anxiety and probably high voltage energy crackled through the control room, but in full “Leroy-mode” the show went off without a hitch.  He was very good under pressure.

So fast-forward a few years and this same journalist, in a better job, now making similar decisions, found himself in a dilemma.  He solved the issue but emailed my friend to tell her the way he solved the problem was to ask himself, “What would Leroy do?”

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve asked myself that same question.  It just makes it easier to solve things if I stop and think, what would Leroy do?

In todays world, he would be my “answer app.”

The perfect app: the first app on my smart phone ready with an answer or suggestion that could solve simple and not so simple issues of the day.

The “Leroy App” ….


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