Same stress every year

It doesn’t get easier.  It doesn’t get less stressful.  An annual mammogram is always a heartbeat away from being a life changer.

I have a few friends who went for their annual check-up never to imagine they would walk away with a report that would change the course of their lives.

They exercised, ate a healthy diet, did  all the things that the guide lines to a healthy life suggest and yet, when that imagining machine revealed a breast cancer,

their lifestyle took a back seat.

That’s why I always get a little queasy walking through the door for my annual appointment.

Nothing in medicine is routine in my book.  I guess I’m forever changed after Leroy’s “routine” colonoscopy 13 years ago.  Those results were anything but routine.

That’s not to say I skip the yearly visit:I re-up every year.

Today the report was good and the anxiety thermometer is back to normal just like the results.

I’m a lucky girl, today.


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