How’s your cancer stock doing?

I saw an article that broke down the bio-tech companies around the country.  We’ve all heard of the big companies like Pfizer or Johnson & Johnson, but there appears to be an explosion of smaller, boutique bio-techs out there , concentrating on specific diseases.

So of course I was interested in the cancer based groups and there a lot of them.  In some cases, they’ve even narrowed their work to specific kinds of cancers too.

From my corner, there can’t be enough new, young investigators out there reaching for the scientific stars.  Give them a lab. Give them all the tools they need to fix this cancer epidemic.  I’m no longer gullible enough to believe there will be one discovery that will cure cancer, but I do believe there will be multiple discoveries that will some day lead to the treatment of cancer as a chronic disease.  That means it can be contained or repressed.  I want to be there when cancer raises the white flag of surrender.

So I’m going to start paying more attention to these small little specialized labs that have focused their fluorescent lights and microscopes on colon cancer, or lung cancer, or breast cancer: any cancer.

I wish someone with a bigger brain than mine would organize a cancer lab stock market, like the NYSE, so we could all watch who’s winning the race to find these small victories that will some day lead to bigger achievements.   Maybe that would put more pressure on them and force the process to move a little faster.  When the eyes of investors are watching for discovery of successful new treatments, the urgency to produce is stronger.  Those that don’t have the goods would close their doors.  Those who can change cancer world into “chronic cancer treatment world” would thrive.

Those of us who’ve lived in cancer world would like to see some good come out of what we’ve already invested in…..and it’s been a substantial investment for sure.




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