It’s not a fair fight

When you’re 2, you’re supposed to be discovering your world.

I have a little neighbor who’s about to turn 2 in a couple of months.  He brings me pieces of branches from his driveway.   He hands them to me with a smile that melts my heart.  Each stick handed -off is like a special treasure, a gift he is sharing with me that is more precious than gold.

This little guy has only one gear and that’s forward and fast.  There’s no time to look down, it’s full speed ahead, so when we walk down his driveway I ask him to hold my hand, so together we can pace ourselves.  It works most of the time. This tiny little hand, holding on so tightly, every once in a while looking up at me with this unspoken bond.

I share this with you because that’s what Wilson, the little guy Mully wrote about today should be doing.  He should be inhaling the beauty of his new life.  He shouldn’t be poked and scanned and stuck with IV’s.  He’s 2.

If ever there has been huge strides in actually curing cancer, it’s pediatric cancers, but that doesn’t help when these little people are forced to go through the hell of treatment to get to the “cured” side.

Wilson, with all our hearts here in this OUR Cancer community, we are sending big thoughts of healing and health to you.

We can’t wait to hear good news and stories about how you are barreling down your driveway with a smile on your face.

Cancer and kids…it’s just not a fair fight.

Mully, same big thoughts go out to your husband too.

We’re all lifting.

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