There’s nothing like an old love note…

Well, I finally bowed to the thermometer this morning (43 degrees) and wore a sweatshirt on my walk.  It makes me crazy to think it’s not even October and I’m already wearing something other than a T-shirt and shorts.  To get to that sweatshirt, I dove into a closest that holds the clothes for those cooler months of the year.  It’s not a place I go to willingly because Winter is long enough as it is and in my mind, it shouldn’t start until we’re well into November.

Something tells me this is going to be a Winter to remember!

There’s a shelf in that closet that holds other things, besides bulky, warm cold weather gear.  My Hawaii stuff is in there.  A bright green folded inflatable raft.  My big beach bag I carry to the pool and to the beach in Kaanapali.  A wonderful retro purse my Mom used to carry on special nights out.  Good stuff in a good place, so when I need it, I know where to find it.

And there it was: not something I need, or have ever used, but it has probably traveled more miles and been in more places than most of us combined.  Leroy never traveled without it.  It carried thousands and thousands of dollars to places of conflict and hardship.  It was with him in Somalia and Iraq and Iran.  It held the dollars that bailed him out of a tight situation in the jungles of Thailand.  It’s been in every country of Central America and quite a few in South America too.

This weathered, gray leather money envelope with an industrial strength zipper was a world traveler.  It was the key to getting Leroy and his crew home safe and sound from places, where, how do I say this, sometimes a hundred dollar bill did more good than diplomacy!

I pulled it off the shelf, just because I hadn’t seen it in years.  Once it was in my hands, I had to open it, not because I thought there might be a couple of left over bills inside: no, but it wasn’t completely empty.

Better than money, inside was Leroy’s business card from ABC News AND a handwritten note from me to him.  “I LOVE YOU–COME HOME SOON.”

An old gray money pouch found: worthless…An old love note recovered: Priceless!!!


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