The other day a friend of mine who is even more challenged by computers, than I am, was complaining about how slow his computer was running.  I asked him if he’d hit the “refresh” button and he gave me a look of total befuddlement.

“The what button?” he asked.

I explained that to refresh his computer: allow it to reset itself was sometimes all that was needed to fix that kind of a problem.

“Did you ever do that when you were caring for Leroy?” he said.

How I wish I would have thought of that possibility during those years of care giving.

Care givers need a “refresh” button on those long, hard days when cancer is in the drivers seat.

How hard all of us worked to keep it from getting to that place, but some days it just was not possible.

Remember the “bad news” days when the tears poured over the smiles?

Remember the days when the clock never stopped and the mornings ran into the afternoons and the afternoons faded into the nights and there was no rest, no breaks, no breaths?

OH, for a refresh button.

Just a moment or two, to find our resilience once a crisis had come and gone.

To all who are caring for a life, remember this post.

Refresh often.




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