Cancer’s diet tips..

One friend has dropped at least 30 pounds.  Another is a shadow of herself.  The same goes for two more and all of them are cancer survivors.

They’ve all been away from the treatment floors of their cancer centers for at least a year now, so it’s not the chemo or radiation.

It’s a new lease on life, or that’s the way one of them explained it to me.  She had always been over weight and didn’t really pay attention to exercise or diet. She was forced to make a change once cancer came into her life.  One of the most important parts of her cancer treatment was the addition of a nutritionist as part of her medical team.  This specialist made all the difference in how she responded to treatment.

She followed the suggestions her nutritionist, who specializes in helping cancer patients maintain a healthy diet during treatment, and yes, she had some of her hardest days after chemo, but she still thinks she pushed back the worst of it, by eating foods that stood up to the harsh drugs.

The others feel the same way and they’ve all maintained their weight loss and feel so much the better because of it.

Diet during the battle and diet to stay healthy when life returns to life as they remembered it….healthy changes paying off.



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