Nothing like a Momma Bear to take charge….

He’d probably cringe if he ever read this post, but it’s got to be said: Momma Bear’s are one of cancer’s biggest enemies.

If researchers could figure out a way to bottle a Mom’s energy and persistence and super advocating powers in the fight against cancer, this disease would be over.

I have a friend who is a Super Mom like this.  Her son is a grown man.  He has a family of his own, he’s been fighting a very difficult cancer for a few years now and I can tell you this, he would not be alive today if it wasn’t for his Mom.  She just won’t stop searching for the next cutting-edge treatment.  If it’s a trial or a something that’s been around for a while, she does her research and pushes her son’s doctors to tell her why it isn’t worth a shot.

This family has found the best cancers specialists in the Midwest.  They are using state of the art techniques to care for this man and they’ve been successful so far.  He’s responded in various trials over and over again and it’s in part because his Mom is the driving force behind his care.

Now the cancer is moving to places where it’s going to be hard to keep it under control but that’s not stopping this Momma Bear.

She’s back at her desk, researching, digging, trying to find any little nugget that might lean toward the next big drug that will help her son live.

I’ve always said, one of the most important pieces in the fight against cancer is to have a strong advocate.

This Momma Bear brings a whole new meaning to that belief.

Momma Bear’s unite…you have powers chemotherapy can’t touch.



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