Trials and Hope

Remember when clinical trials in cancer world really were just that: a trial balloon that most patients stepped away from for fear of getting some strange drug that would hasten their demise.  Cancer trials USED TO BE scary stuff.

Now doctors and patients alike, look for trials that will fit where they are in the progression of their cancer.  Trials hope to be the standard treatments of tomorrow, but plenty of them are being used today to help kill some cancers.

A friend of mine who lost her husband to a blood cancer a few years ago, heard about a trial that may have made an impact on her husband’s life IF it had been available just a few years ago.   It’s moving into phase III now, so plenty of patients are applying to make it into the study.  HOPE has stepped up to the plate with this new drug because it’s shown signs of lengthening lives and providing a better quality of life for those with this type of cancer.

Clinical trials are HOPE, wrapped up in new emerging treatments and drugs that blast away cancer cells like never before.

We’ve talked about “paying it forward” here so many times and there’s no better way that to enter a study.

Researchers learn from these trials, some patients get a longer, better life from these trials and cancer gets clobbered in a new, dynamic procedure.

That’s an equation that adds up to HOPE

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