On angels wings….

There are some things we just can’t explain.

Some times it’s better that way.

My trips to Maui these past six years, first to scatter Leroy’s ashes on October 21st 2008, and these years to follow, I have had some “odd” experiences that have connected me to him.  As a Maui friend said to me last night, “You never know how, but he always lets you know he knows you’re here.”

I do a mini “paddle-out” for Leroy every year, a Hawaiian tradition to remember loved ones.  Our amazing friends here never forget to make flower lei’s in his honor.  I bring Fall leaves from home, and his favorite Snickers candy bar and a Mai Tai.  Leroy never drank Mai Tai’s unless we were here on Maui.

So, with that in mind, it was time to “remember” the Big Guy yesterday….

I had collected all the items, except the Mai Tai and went to the pool bar that was packed with happy vacationers.  The bar manager flagged a bartender for me and I made my order.  When he turned to hand me the drink, he looked at me and said, “I’ve added angel’s wings.” “YOU need an angel today.”  “I know you need an angel today.”


I looked down to see two pineapple wedges placed on the edge of the cup and they looked exactly like angels wings! I looked at the bartender and said “YOU have no idea what you just said.” When I explained it, he grabbed my hand, held it in his hands, and kissed it.

My sister and I paddled-out and had our special ceremony and it was special….

Maui….my special place…OUR special place.  On angels wings….








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