“Malama Pono”

20141023_071454_resized_1“Malama Pono,” Hawaiian words that mean “take care and stay strong.”

Important for all of us who have walked cancer’s path….survivor, patient, care giver.

We need these words as we go through our battle, come through our battle, or care for our loved ones as they face their battle.

And for those who have loss from cancer, these words mean so much too.

I look out over this beautiful ocean and watch the palm trees sway in the trade winds and I do get strength from the power that this little island gives my soul.  It wraps it’s warmth around me and there is a peacefulness here, knowing that my loved one is free from cancer’s grasp.  He is at peace.

These days here on Maui, have given me the feeling of peace too.  Gradually, and it’s taken a long time, but gradually that peace is becoming more comfortable.

Malama Pono…to all.  “Take care and stay strong.”



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