Out of the shadows we find our way.  We’re each on our own time table too.

20141024_065648_resizedThere are two women visiting Maui, both have lost their husbands recently to cancer.  They came here to begin the healing, but from the sound of it, they’ve come to realize it’s a process and even though this beautiful island is full of healing places, they still have miles to go before their true healing takes place.

There is no running away from the heart ache.  There is no running away from the grief.  Those seven stages of grief mean something and we all have to pass through each door at our own pace.

The roots of my healing are here because this island meant so much in my life with Leroy.  Each visit brings an additional layer of comfort to my heart.

In a way, each visit paves the way to my future without Leroy.  Each year, I grow a little stronger, using his memory to help guide me: good lessons learned and good lessons for the future.

The Hawaiians have a saying: “E ho ikaika Ke ia Mua iho”…

“Much strength for the distant future.”

Aloha…good weekend to all.


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