Some journeys just beginning…

20141028_082035_resizedWhen I return to Maui as the seasons pass, I realize how much I’ve healed over the years.

There is still sadness when I look out over the rolling Pacific and remember the day, six years ago, when I said my final good-bye’s to Leroy, but now, there’s peaceful remembering too.

And then, I meet new visitors to the island and they are just beginning their healing journey.  They’ve come to this place to forget for a few days the pain they are feeling at the loss of loved ones.  Two women, great friends, who lost their husbands to cancer a year apart and have come to Maui to escape their memories.

I see the sorrow in their faces. I see the cancer wrinkles from the worry and care giving.  They are trying so hard to be happy in this happy place.  It’s hard.

One woman swims until she can’t swim anymore.  Another can’t sit still and I’m sure that’s because when she stops moving, she remembers: better to keep moving.

Who knows, maybe I’ll see them again as the years go by and I’ll see them healing.

These cancer journeys have a beginning…the first few steps are the hardest.

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