Brittany’s choice….

She followed the rules and took the lethal medication prescribed by a doctor, but not aided by a doctor, according to reports.

Brittany Maynard died this past weekend.  She was 29 years old.

She said in her postings, the brain cancer was taking away who she was and the seizures and severe head and neck pain was increasing.  The stoke like symptoms were also weighing-in so she decided to give death a hand.  She made her decision a national news story after being diagnosed with a brain tumor at the beginning of 2014.


Brittany took control of her living and her dying days.  She and her husband had moved from the Bay area to Oregon where it’s legal for a doctor to prescribe life-ending drugs to terminally ill patients of sound minds.  The patient must make the request.  The doctor can not administer the meds.  The patient must swallow the drugs without help.

Cancer.  Freedom.  Choice.

Three words that formed a decision for a young woman who saw just enough of what cancer’s final stage had planned for her.   A peek through that curtain was all she needed.

Rest in Peace, Brittany.



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