A tour of a different kind…

He’s seen war from different platforms, always serving this country’s best interests.  There have been many, difficult separations from his family.  He’s been an absent Dad on too many occasions but the kids understood his job and they are proud of him.  His wife has worked hard and as a family they grew strong knowing that some day, “Dad” would be finished with his duties overseas and life would circle around to home again.  Home, here in the D.C. area and everything would be whole again.  And it was for a short time.

Until a scan revealed a cancer in this strong, brave man.

His doctors have told him it’s an aggressive cancer and he needs to begin chemotherapy soon.   And he will because he’s a fighter.  He wants to take on this battle just like the others and then he wants to come full circle again and just be home with his family.

This tour could be his toughest yet.


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