Brain Power to stop cancer…

We’ve talked about the lab dwellers.  The men and women who sit at their benches day and night hoping for an outcome that will change the course of cancer care.

I was in the company of such men and women yesterday and I left the Kimmel Cancer Center with renewed hope that this beast of a disease will meet its match some day soon.

The brain power dedicated to stopping the spread of this disease filled the room.  These researchers don’t have conversations like the rest of us.  I sat there trying to decipher the vocabulary and finally decided to just sit back and listen, knowing that eventually they would get around to speaking “English.”

I got the basic meaning of their words: they were working on vaccines and therapies targeted to specific cancers.  Personalized medicine in cancer word is the trend because each patient’s case is so unique.  Looking at cancer in the future as a chronic disease, where relapses don’t mean death, but new advanced treatment means kicking it into remission and allowing the patient more life, quality life.

These wizards of cancer world lean on each other to share information and discover new ways to attack this disease that has taken so many of our loved ones.

We ‘lift’ from a care giver’s perspective…..These brilliant scientists are doing the heavy lifting from behind those heavy laboratory doors.

Keep those lights on….Brain power rules!


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