The Unbreakable Thread…

Here it is, in all your responses, the constant that is cancer.

Whether it’s a newly discovered tumor, caught in time, or an anniversary of a loss so heartbreaking that it’s “crippling” in its power.  It’s a remembering in a group gathering that brings comfort but still tears, and it’s described like the ebb and flow of a powerful ocean as the tide washes up with a crashing wave only to be pulled back again, catching us in a weak moment and then releasing us again.

These are our “stages” of grief, maybe not exactly like the experts describe it, or maybe because we’ve gone through all of that in some way.

It never really ends, it just changes.  We have the ability to pull the strings on the little purse most of the time.

But when those important days come around every year, or something as simple as a passing thought brings on a memory, our hearts open and allow us to feel what we had once upon a time.

Here it is, this thread that is woven through all our life tapestries… unbreakable thread.


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