He lived “strong”

They call themselves “Team Beban.”

They are a mighty bunch except now the team goal has shifted from support for their guy Mark, who had been fighting stage 4 lung cancer for over a year, to his young family of four.  A strong and focused wife, Jenny and  their three small children, who will have only memories in pictures and videos and great stories of how their Dad lived.

He lived “strong.”

He died this week at the age of 38.

So now “Team Beban” has an even bigger job to do.  They must rally around this family to lighten their loss.  Meals, car pools, activities: things they’ve been doing while Mark battled his cancer with warrior-like abilities.  The team will continue these duties, there is no doubt.  It’s the new challenges ahead for them that will be difficult.  How to offer a leaning post to the family so the sorrow can pour out without  hesitation.   They will be called upon to tell stories of happier times when Mark was strong and healthy and laughter filled the house.

This  extended family has awesome strength too.  They are living with broken hearts, but they will rally because that’s what Moms and Dads and brothers and sisters do at times like this.  It’s what they’ve been doing every single day during this battle with the beast.  They searched and scanned the web daily for the latest in lung cancer research.  They questioned the doctors to make sure Mark was getting the latest treatment.  They reached out to cancer centers around the country to make sure Mark’s care was cutting edge: lab bench to the patient kind of care.

They did everything right and they still lost him on the afternoon of November 15th.

Prayers to the family….Rest in peace Mark.

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