Three Widows at a Thanksgiving Table…

Colon, Leukemia and Bladder cancer, those were the demons who created three widows who will be at my Thanksgiving table this year.

We’re all long time friends and our husbands deaths to cancer were spaced apart on different calendar years but close enough that we have felt each and every sadness along the healing path.  The other two widows have kids and they will be at the table too.  Four kids who have grown up without their Dads’ and that’s just not right.

I think about all the families planning their Thanksgiving this year minus a loved one.  How many tables will have an empty chair because of cancer’s deadly blow.

We’ll have other family and friends to surround us at this Holiday table and that always helps soften the evening.  I still look over to the left of me, where Leroy sat at the head of the table.   No one had more fun at Thanksgiving than Leroy.  Good food, good wine,  and stories that grew in the telling; a Thanksgiving trifecta!

Now we raise a glass to our three guys and we give “Thanks” for the years we shared with them.  We have to be reminded that we can’t be sad because it’s over, but “thankful” that it happened at all.

We  three widows at the Thanksgiving table… giving thanks.



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