Multiple “Thanks”

“Every day is Thanksgiving” for me.”

I didn’t get it right away, but then it hit me, she was a breast cancer survivor.

There was a time, when she wasn’t sure she would get through her treatment.  It was hard work to push through that chemotherapy.  She’d lost her hair, her skin had cracked and turned brittle.  She was so ill.  Her care givers never wavered in their support and even though they told her she would feel better soon, there were days when she pulled her covers over her head and didn’t want to face the world.

She had multiple surgeries too.  And there were complications, but her doctors fixed those and told her to stay strong.

She found a strength she didn’t know she had and it lifted her when she needed it most.

She healed, although the scars will always remind her of her travels down the cancer path.  She no longer feels the nausea and she’s chosen to put the memory of chemo in a pouch hidden under the layers of life she’s experienced since those times.

She’s traveled.  She’s back at work.  She’s planning a family Thanksgiving for Thursday.

She gives “Thanks” every day.

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