The “season” is upon us…

And so the season begins….

The “Holidays” are upon us and if there is ever a time when we need each other to lean on, it’s now.

So many things just get bigger this time of year.  Many of us are preparing for Thanksgiving in the next couple of days and even in the preparation, the memories grow.  Leroy was the turkey carver at this house.   What is it about a guy and a carving knife?  He knew what he was doing in a kitchen and I miss seeing him there.

So I can come here and write about it and it feels right.  We’ve always been able to remember at OUR CANCER and be comfortable doing so.

I know some of you will be without a loved one for the first time this year.  The sorrow is palpable.  This is when family and friends  and that word “lifting” comes into play.

For the rest of us, who now have years separating our loved ones from these special dates on the calendar, we’ve figured out ways to buffer most of our sadness: “most” being the key word here.

So be careful when you’re out tomorrow making all those last minute stops. If you’re in the northeast, the snow gods are threatening to make an appearance  just for the fun of it, so give it an extra car length just because you can.

Be safe.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving.


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