A Gentle Man…

To describe him would be to use the word “gentle.”

He puts the “gentle” in gentleman in every way I can imagine.

He’s not a young man, but he thinks young.  He’s got a wonderful family.  They are a fun, happy unit who celebrate with gusto and circle the wagons when one of them is in need of support.

He’s had a strong, genuine, beautiful woman by his side for decades.  They go together so perfectly, anyone who knows them, can’t mention one name without the other.

Cancer has found its way into this gentle man’s chest.  It’s just been a few days since his diagnosis and even though the sting of those “You have cancer” words still resonate through this family tree, they have wasted no time seeking strong medical advice and a line of treatment that will vigorously defend against this beast.

There have been scans, biopsies, pathology explanations and the beginnings of a protocol targeted to his cancer.

As saddened and shaken as this man’s family is, they have rallied to the call to take action.  They “get it.”  Aggressive acts of destruction against this mass will be the only way to give their gentle man more life: quality life.

And so he begins his journey through cancer world.    There’s no way of telling how this will go: he’s in for some hard times.

He’s also surrounded by loved ones, who “lift,” not just from the heart, but from the head too. These are care givers and advocates who will do their homework to insure his treatment is the best it can be and that is what drives cancer crazy.

What can be better than that for this gentle man?


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