“I’m still here.”

You think you have a grip on life without your loved one.   So much work has gone into creating a different life without him and for the most part you’ve been pretty successful.  There will always be some pieces that can’t be replaced.

And then, the calendar flips over to December and all the pangs of Holidays past begin to tug on the memory pages of your heart.

Remember the hunt for the perfect tree…together?  Remember decorating the tree…together? Or sharing a glass of wine as the house magically morphs into something special for the season?  Remember the invitations that were addressed to the two of you? Being a one instead of a two has its impact to be sure.

A friend mentioned how she has recreated her Holidays since her husband has been gone.  Cancer took him away, but she feels like their friends now treat her as if she disappeared along with him.  She says for her, it’s been one of the hardest parts of being on the RE-assembly line of widowhood.

“I’m still here.”

I can relate to that and I’m sure many other widows would get in line with us.

It’s probably harder this time of year just because it’s “this time of year.”

Maybe we all need to do a sweatshirt with the words “I’m still here” on it….might be the start of something big.

Then we can all go out and raise a glass to “us”…..with out “them.”

No matter what the season…..




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