Best of the best, remembing one of the best….

It was a gathering of the best in the business.

In fact they once were considered just that in a time and place in television news when journalism and journalists meant something different than it does today.

They hadn’t been under the same roof for a long time and the vibe in the room was electric.

The invitation said it was a Holiday party and it was a beautiful party, but for me it was so much more.  It woke up a place in me that had quietly tip-toed away: a place I never really expected to revisit again,  any time soon.

These were Leroy’s people, for the most part, his hand-picked, talented producers that made “Nightline” the unique broadcast that it was when he was at its helm as executive producer.

Storytelling of old times and exciting travels filled the room.   Like buzzing bees moving from flower to flower, they caught-up one by one, to find out about new jobs and changing lives.  And there were the Leroy stories: remembering his contribution to this family.

They worked together night-in and night-out.  They traveled to the most challenging places where they made  headlines come alive on television.  They were a unit….They ARE so talented.

I found myself sitting in a chair just looking around the room, not really able to hear one conversation, but all of them at once.

All I could think of was where was that one booming voice that could rise above the others?

I don’t think I’ve ever missed him more.




They say the Holidays bring out the best and some times the worst of times.




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