Ready or not “Tis the Season”

Have you looked at the calendar lately?

Tonight is the first light of Hanukkah and Christmas is just a little more than a week away.

Ready or not, “Tis the season.”

Around my neighborhood, plenty of houses are twinkling with multi-colored lights or strings of those white icicles lights that blink in the night.  There’s a few huge inflatable penguins, Santa’s and Teddy bears rocking back and forth, trying to stay upright on the lawns.  The lightest breeze can cause them to tumble across the yard.

I braved a couple of shopping areas today.  Earlier in the afternoon, when it was raining, it was the perfect time to get out and shop because no one likes to be outside in a down pour.  It’s so much easier to wait until tomorrow when the weather will be better.

Later this afternoon, the kids were out of school and they were out in force darting in and out of the stores.

The little ones love to hang on to their Mom’s and point to every toy within reach, just in case the list hasn’t been filled yet.

It’s really a great time of year, if you let it be: Finding just the right gift, enjoying old friends, baking holiday cookies or planning a special holiday meal.

Above all, looking around your world and giving thanks.




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