Sharing our story

We live in such a wide open world these days.

There’s email, twitter, Facebook and a slew of other outlets.  We share everything, in fact, the phrase TOO MUCH INFORMATION comes to mind in this tabloid world of ours.

And then there’s cancer world.  We’re not so fast at sharing that part of our lives.  Cancer still carries with it a stigma that stops folks from opening up about their cancer.

We’ve all met exceptions to that rule: Leroy was one of them, but his daily blog didn’t happen immediately.  When a friend of his at NPR asked him if he’d ever thought about writing a blog shadowing his daily living with cancer, he took a few days to think about it.   He wasn’t sure his message would make a difference.  He wasn’t sure he could convey his feelings in a way they would help others.   He wondered would anyone relate?  Indeed they did!

We have to learn to share all over again when we’re in cancer world.  It’s such a private, scary diagnosis and when you hear the words “You have cancer,” the last thing you want to do is tell the world.

But it’s important to share.  It does help.  New patients and their care givers don’t know what they’re in for and if you can give them just a few nuggets of knowledge about what’s to come in treatment or side effects or daily living with cancer, you are doing a good deed.

Experience counts in cancer.

Spread the word.

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