One step at a time

We would be at the pool in Maui and hanging just over the water would be my foot and Leroy’s foot   So I took a picture.

Over the years I must have taken 50 pictures of just our feet.  The palm trees and Maui’s blue sky would be the back drop for many of these photos.

When I returned with his ashes six years ago, our Maui friends presented me with a pendant made from the glass of the volcano’s ash on the Big Island and inside the glass pendant, when it’s held up to the light are two feet.  It’s a very special gift I carry with me every single day.

Now next to me, at the desk where I’m typing this right now, I look to my right and there are two perfectly sculpted tiny feet.  They were made by an artist who works in metals.  They’re perfect feet and one is a step ahead of the other.

I don’t remember placing them in that position: maybe they were pushed around a little after I cleaned up yesterday.  But I look at them now and think about the seasons that have passed and the experiences I’ve had on my own.  It’s been like growing up all over again.

These little feet represent my changing world.  They have shown me how to take one step at a time.


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