In the spirit of the season….

There are so many things that make a Holiday season.

I think we become more aware of those who are in need of a helping hand.  We reach out and dig into our pockets when we pass a bell ringer who brings attention to the Salvation Army kettles.  We open our closets and find gently worn coats and heavy sweaters that don’t belong there but could do so much good wrapped around someone who is in search of some warmth on a cold night.

What do we do for our friends who are looking at a cancer diagnosis and wondering how to sort out all the information that’s just been dropped in their lap?

Cancer can ruin a Holiday season….if we let it.

So, we have to try and stop it before it happens.  A friend of mine is in the midst of  getting a new treatment plan for a newly diagnosed mass in his chest.  His family is the best.  They have supported him and searched for the best doctors and have asked all the right questions.  I’ve tried to offer up my knowledge from experience and I hope it’s helped a little.  But more than anything, I’ve tried to “lift” the family as best I can.

That’s what we do here at “Our Cancer.”  We’re the best “lifters” around.  Our time in cancer world has seasoned us.

It is in the spirit of this season, that I will be there for them.  I won’t let cancer invade their Holiday time.

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