Another adjustment in life…

As a care giver, taking care of your loved one during the cancer journey: it was a natural adjustment to make changes in your schedule for treatments,  appointments,  doctor visits or even a haircut.

It was a  team concept.   As long as you were together, it seemed like anything was possible.   HOPE and HEALING came in two’s.

So, now I’m facing an out patient procedure next week and my strong, solid wall, that I leaned on for so many years, isn’t here to support me.

He isn’t here to drive me to the clinic, he isn’t here to sit in the waiting room.  I’ll get no “You’ll be fine” speech and no kiss “good-luck.”

This is really the first time since he’s been gone, that I’ve faced something like this and I really feel his absence.

Good friends have stepped-up and they’ll watch over me but it’s just not the same.

Six and a-half years and I’m facing yet another adjustment from this cancer experience.

The list just keeps growing….


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