His reach is long…

The happy news that there was a healthy baby girl born to a wonderful couple was all I needed to hear a couple of days ago.  It brought a smile to my face when the text arrived, accompanied by a handful of pictures of a scrunched-up little face peeking out of a tightly swaddled blanket.  This husband and wife have traveled the world making a difference.  They have put their lives on the line many times, wearing a military uniform, representing the USA, fighting for our freedoms.

The new Dad met Leroy when he was a part of the 3rd Infantry Division known as the “Tip of the Spear” when we went to war in Iraq.  Fatherhood was the farthest thing from his mind in those days.  Survival and watching over the “Nightline” crew were two of his priorities then.  He and Leroy bonded like brothers during that time together.

Since then, this soldier has risen in the ranks of the Army and he’s continued to expand his mind too.  And so it was that after he texted me about the birth of his daughter, he sent another text beginning with the words “Oh, I just remembered…..”

He went on to say, in one of his classes at school, as he was recalling his time in Iraq, another student approached him and introduced himself, followed by “You must know Leroy Sievers?’

This man went on to explain that he was from Kosovo and had met Leroy when “Nightline” was there covering the war.  He had “helped out” in some way.

That was a coincidence in itself but then he continued with his story.  Leroy had a hand in sponsoring him and helped expedite his move to the U.S.. The text went on to say this man has worked very hard since then to make something of his life here in this country.  He works at the U.S. Department of Defense.

“He wanted to send his thanks.”  Those were the last words in the message.

Imagine that.  All these years and Leroy’s legacy continues to grow.

The man had quite a reach….



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