Hats off…

Hats and scarves and jackets…Oh MY!!!

It got to the point where I couldn’t stand to open the winter coat closet doors.  How did it get that way?

Sleeves reaching out, one on top of the other.  Big, bulky all weather jackets that seemed to grow in the night.

Scarves and hats look like they’ve multiplied by ten.

Then I realized so many of these cold weather items have been all over the world: probably to more places than half the people who live on my street.

I see the big orange parka Leroy wore to Desert Storm.  There’s his extra heavy blue Gore-Tex coat that kept him warm in Kosovo.  The hats have been to  Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Rwanda and the list goes on.

There were a few of these winter items that could and should be used by others, unable to provide for themselves.

So, I spent the day separating the things I could not part with and the things I could.

Tonight, I hope there’s a big guy out there who feels a little bit better about facing Winter’s chill.

He’ll never know how far that garment traveled, it’s history, or that the man who once wore it would be so pleased to know it’s not hanging in the closet any more.


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