Hearts are fragile….

The more we talk about cancer’s impact on our lives, the more I come to realize, we must find a way to handle the punch it lands squarely on our hearts.

I was rocked to the core yesterday, when word came that my friend had passed away.  I knew it was coming, but those words of his death from prostate cancer made my heart ache.

It happens every time I hear of another diagnosis too.  A friend in the neighborhood just had a mastectomy.  Another young woman,  3 thousand miles away is dealing with late effects of breast cancer treatment.  I just heard from a Mom who lost her young son two months ago to lung cancer.  She is just now starting to feel what she describes as her new normal.  She explains it as a feeling of peace that has come over her and it’s allowed her to begin to get her strength back.    And the list goes on and on.

We’re all trying to cope with cancer.

Even those of us who are years down the road from our loss: we’re still trying to mend.

Hearts are fragile.  They work much better when they’re full of love and hope.

Cancer makes them skip a beat and that’s when they break.

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