Hope means never having to buy a book of parking stickers….

It doesn’t matter if you’re a visitor, patient, caregiver, or first timer walking through the doors at the cancer center, eventually, you end up in line to pay for parking.  You must have that ticket processed before returning to your car so you can exit the garage.

The family in front of me presented their ticket to the attendant with the question “Do you get a discount if you’re a patient?”  The attendant answered by suggesting they buy a book of parking stickers at a discount, instead of paying for each visit separately.

“OH,” said the older man, who was clearly the husband and dad of the group, “I’ve just spent the day here for tests.  I feel great and don’t expect to be coming back.”  “There’s no need to buy a book of stickers.”

His son, with half a smile on his face, looked over at his dad and walked away, saying he’d be waiting at the elevator.  The wife and daughter waited until the transaction was complete and the three of them walked down the hall together, holding hands.

HOPE means never having to buy a book of parking stickers.


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