Where does your HOPE come from?

We’ve all called upon it at one time or another during our walk through cancer world.

Sometimes I think we don’t even know we’re looking for it because our thoughts are so deep and our feelings so fixated on the moment.

Hope is what keeps us in the game.

Where are you on the “Hope circle?”

Newly diagnosed patients and caregivers are full of hope.  The fight is just beginning and terms like “beat it” and “we got it all” open the doors to hope.

Treatment and feeling the effects of chemo and radiation sometimes causes hope to wobble a little.  It depends on what kind of day it is: a good scan, a week outside of a chemo infusion and hope tends to grow and flourish: the opposite occurs and the scans show new growth or treatment was yesterday and hope is taking a few days off.

Hope shifts if the disease becomes metastatic and survival is measured in weeks or months.  The hope isn’t for cure any more, but instead for comfort and as little pain as possible.

Unfortunately there isn’t a HOPE store in a mall some where that sells boxes of the stuff.  You can’t find it on the Web either and there’s no amount of points or miles you can trade-in to replace what’s been used.

Hope is a state of mind.  Webster’s says “trust that is wanted will happen”

That’s a very good place to start.


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