Just when you think it’s stored away…..

A phone call with a friend today rattled the archives of my mind.

I thought I’d filed and stored the detailed events of my travels through cancer world as a care giver.  I remember some of the big moments during Leroy’s struggle with colon cancer, but was I shocked at my total recall as we compared our journeys.

He lost his wife to cancer a few years ago. She had wonderful care from many of the same doctors we had up at Hopkins and even though our conversation wasn’t intended to be about those two cancer battles, it eventually circled around and I found myself telling stories I hadn’t thought of in years.

He had the same experience.

Granted his recollections were pulled from a more recent memory bank, but still, we found ourselves back in the day.

They were tough then, and they were tough in the telling…again.

It’s interesting to think  I can’t remember what I had for breakfast today, but I can remember, in detail a cancer care giving day, like it happened yesterday.





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