Who me worry?


Worry is the number one connector to stress, anxiety and a broken tempo to life.  It’s so hard to stay focused if cancer lives in your home.  There’s so much to worry about, the normal rhythm of life is interrupted.

You’ve heard the expression “sick with worry?”  It’s real in cancer world.

I’ve know many care givers who can’t handle the disturbance of normal living, they become ill from fretting about all the demands that a cancer diagnosis will put on a couple and a family.

There are “worry-busters” the experts recommend if you’re living this life.  Exercise, walking, eating healthy, getting enough rest: these all play a part in managing your worry.

Good conversation with a close friend or family member can help too: Maybe there’s a professional ear that might be easier to share with instead.

Patient or care giver: this is a hard road.  Worrying is part of it, but we’re in it together…don’t let it hold you hostage.

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