Pain and Palliative Care….

I bet the word PALLIATIVE is one of the most misunderstood words in cancer world.

A doctor can introduce the need for “palliative care” and so many of us jump to the conclusion that what the doctor really means is it’s time for hospice care.

We jump to that place because for so many years that’s exactly what it meant and the doctor just couldn’t or didn’t know how to face the patient to say there was nothing left for medicine to do, so hospice WAS the next step.

If there’s been one big leap in cancer care over the years, it’s been in the pain management part of caring for cancer patients.

It’s a recent development and so overdue.

Cancer hurts.  It’s just that simple and medicine did not keep up with the pain part the way it did with the treatment part.

Did you know there are actually “palliative care specialists” now?  Doctors who are experts in the field of PAIN and how to treat it.

We’ve gotten so good at facing our doctors and asking questions about care and cancer treatment and cancer clinical trials, why do we shrink into a corner when it comes to talking about pain?  You know, when you’re asked “on a scale from 1 to 10, how bad does it hurt?”  We get all macho and pretend it’s just an ache when it’s really a pain.

Speak up….tell it like it is….there’s a doctor who actually FEELS YOUR PAIN….and the best part is…they can do something about it now.

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