Who is left to do the storytelling?

This is not a story about cancer tonight.  It is a good-bye to one of the best storytellers in American journalism.

Bob Simon, the longtime CBS NEWS correspondent was killed last night in a car accident.

That in itself is ironic when you consider how many times Bob reported from some of the most dangerous war zones in the world.  I’m sure he had many close calls along the way, but he always came home.  But before he came home we, the viewers were lucky enough to listen and watch his reports from those places.  We really listened more than anything, because as he reported, he told us a story.  He had a unique way of seeing the world and that coupled with his incredible writing skills painted a picture that was hallway chatter the next day.  “Did you see the Simon piece last night?”  That’s what happened many days in the halls of CBS NEWS and probably other places too.  But I know it happened at CBS because I was part of the group who asked that question.

Bob Simon worked many places during his career at CBS, but he did his best work covering the Middle East.  NO ONE had better knowledge of that region.  His reporting, his storytelling was awesome.

I know he’s being remembered for his work on “60 Minutes” that included polar bears, the Lost Boys of Sudan, the Monks of Mt. Athos and so many other gems, but don’t forget his 30 years at CBS NEWS before he joined the “60” team.

I was lucky enough to work with Bob  for a short time at the Seoul Olympics.  I loved that he loved his job so much.  He was a happy man at work and the product reflected that contentment.

They dim the lights on Broadway in New York City as the ultimate tribute to an actor who has died…could  the “60 Minutes” stopwatch pause in a tribute to one of their best?

The reporting will still go on, but who is left to do the storytelling?

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